DIARY: Bedridden

The upcoming Fairy Chase race has been set up to be the first serious race of the season for me for some time. So unfortunately after the Circuit of Avonbeg I started to notice a bit of a sore throat (that has since come and gone) and some strange lingering fatigue/dizziness. It's clearly some kind of bug or possible deficiency. I've eaten and supplemented well, however, so what this strength-sapping is I don't know.
The last two day have seen me largely bedridden apart when not trying to use some light aerobic exercise to restimulate white blood vessel production. Today I was unhappy to not find it much improved. I've now tried a combined cure of garlic, jog, long naps, and pineapple followed by a short walk in the hope I'll be returning to strength over the evening and with one final long sleep this evening.
I tend to be ill after hard races at the best of times, but will give it my all tomorrow even if it means blowing up. At this point even walking uphill sends my heart race soaring, which is not too promising but I'll try my best and if it means spending most of Saturday and Sunday in bed recovering, so be it.