DIARY: New Milestones

Hell-week 1 and 2 are finally complete and through and through they put a good cap on my 6 weeks of aerobic conditioning despite my travails in Singapore.

Previous to these six weeks my best spell of training in my four years of running was the 6 weeks I completed of my 9 week “Lydiard Experiment” in November. This experiment backfired quite a bit as it led me into a cycle of injury from which I only emerged in early March.

So it’s with great joy I can report that not only did I break every record set during the 6 “Lydiard” weeks (btw, my last 6 weeks were as Lydiard as anything, but it’s easy to label the original 6 this way to distinguish them).

I could rejoice at breaking the following personal records in the heat:

· Most 20k plus and 2 hour plus runs in a two week period

· 1st and 3rd highest mileage weeks of all time

· Highest average mileage and hours trained for a 6 week period ever

It’s a pity I have to move onto specialised training because, once again, my body seems to really adapt to the running in the 6th week (like it did in my Lydiard Experiment) and another few weeks would really put a crown on the achievement and possibly allow me to venture well beyond 100km per week.

Alas, I cannot stay in aerobic land forever, so this must wait until the autumn build-up.

Best of all, however, was that my tenacity returned during these two weeks. Whenever there was a shortcut I ignored it. Whenever there was a chance to make a run a bit longer or a bit harder, I took it. I never said “no” but only “yes” as Richard Askwith memorably described it. Now, the objective is to take this mentality into racing again. My advice to anyone who cares listen: If you get used to saying “no” in training, it will very likely affect your racing attitude as it did mine and turn you from a fighter to a quitter. Failure is a contagion and perhaps tenacity is the only cure…