COURSES: Wicklow Way Trail

As the sun was in such friendly form yesterday, I took the car straight from work to Ballinastoe and ran 8km out the new Wicklow Way Trail before getting a tiny feel for the ultra by running back down again the same way.

While the fire road remains uneventful and the boardwalk provided some glorious golden views of the nearby hills, the technical stretch around Djouce has turned into a complete quagmire and probably won't be any better today. The main rock faces on the trail have also turned very slippy, meaning this section while still runnable isn't quite as fast as it can be.


Mick Hanney said…
To have such a poll you really need to have raced today to have experienced it
Renny said…
Not necessarily, I don't intend to vote myself, so am interested in the votes from the people who did.

Giving up on this race was not an easy choice, but I don't race with a busted ankle, two ruined seasons is enough. If I miss a third, I can just as well hang up my boots and leave the sport...