INJURY: Tibialis Posterior 3

Day 11 of injury and while my mood has reached the classical "Runner's Depression" low (passive-aggressiveness and the rest) the last two days have been positive enough that Mark Ryan's prediction of 15-21 days could still hold true.

Today was monumental: I managed dipped calf-raises with no discomfort! This is a major step forward. I can also see immense gains in core strength and glute activation from just 10 days of rigourous exercise, so good lessons learned within these two training areas for the future.

Tuesday will make me much wiser as I'm booked into the Laser Clinic (the new one in Tallaght not the one in the city centre). The original Laser Centre couldn't see me until April, so thanks to Eoin Keith for pointing me in the direction of this clinic and for words of encouragement on the injury.

A return next week would leave me 13-14 weeks to me "belated" Leinster League start date. Tik-tak...