INJURY: Tibialis Posterior 2

Slight improvements of note in injury today: Did a mile walk up the hill in the morning. Some discomfort. In the afternoon, I tried running on the spot and too my surprise it felt fine.
I tried on my new LunarGlides, a pair of slightly more conventional running shoes I had bought to protect the micro-fractures in my feet for bad days: Not so good, not good at all actually. I then tested my much lower Adidas Kanadia Trail 2. Almost as good as barefoot.
I can't explain the speed by which I swirled into my running gear, my Garmin was lying out on the porch finding satellites literally seconds after this epiphany. Out and back to the post-box I decided: 2.3k and a bit.
10 minutes later I was back and had learned a lot: It had taken a mile for any discomfort to manifest and even after that it was better than on Tuesday's attempted run on the track. The LunarGlides seems to be a bad choice for me and will have to be watched even with the new orthotic once I heal.
The tibialis posterior is definitely still damaged but I could feel my stride being radically different already after the glute activation exercises (it felt like running with someone else's legs for the most part). Signs are that this injury will take a while to heal, but today was a good day of progress.