INJURY: Beware the Tiger Balm

I feel like some dope. Yesterday I went online to order a new shipment of tiger balm and for the first time noted that the product is described as an "analgesic", that is a painkiller in layman's terms.
No wonder I managed to train through the sprain long enough to cause significant damage. I thought I was merely using a relatively harmless massage oil with some cooling effect and that symptoms actually receded. Instead the various local anaesthetics present in Tiger Balm probably numbed the building pain long enough for me to continue my sessions thinking everything was fine.
To move forward quicker, I have contacted the Laser Clinic again to hear their opinion. If I go I would want a full scan and blast of both lower feet as the symptoms in the right had already appeared (much weaker) in the left by the time of the breakdown and it would be good to get my metatarsals looked as, for while they seemed fine there were still little electric flashes every now and again to remind me of December's injury.