DIARY: Across the Broad Atlantic

Chicago Airport 18:30 local time, thus I sit waiting to be taken back to Ireland and hopefully a spell of normality after injury and much travel.

Friday's session went sterling, with 19.1km completed at an ever-increasing pace (I managed to finish off at my goal pace of 4:26min/km although my average was a bit slow at 4:40min/km). I'm happy with this though given that my legs seem to be getting used to hard training again at this stage.

Today was a major disappointment, though, due to bad planning, I only managed 22 minutes of the planned 45 minute recovery run before having to rush to the airport. If I feel good after tomorrow's 24k, I'll squeeze in the lost 23 minutes on Monday. Seven weeks is precariously little preparation for the first race of a new season, so I cannot afford to lose any miles at the wayside. I can't wait to get back to my local training runs and get of the confines of the treadmill.

But 63k are completed, 24 tomorrow will give me 87 for the week and set me up nicely for next week's 100k.My average pace so far has been 4:57min/km factoring in the slow recovery runs, so my objective of training in a higher aerobic zone is achieved so far. The achilles is sore if I go looking for it, but not if I don't, so I'll keep monitoring and icing and hopefully it'll heal in its own time despite the workloads ahead.


Stuart Malcolm said…
Hi. I found your blog a few months ago when I was researching Lydiard, and have been following since.

Nice blog - well done.

On your achillies problems.. I battled tendinitis for years, which would flare-up every time I increased my weekly distance. I tried everything with no success.

However, 2 years ago I got a pair of fell running shoes, and was shocked as how exposed I felt in them with no padding .. felt like running in a pair of plimsoles!!

However, I stuck with them, and found that my running style naturally changed to a much 'lighter' on-my-toes style.

And what do you know? I have had no achillies problems since.

Not very scientific, but I cant help feeling that all the research getting reported recently on the benefits of barefoot running and the problems caused by padded trainers on running gate seems convincing to me.

Try running on your toes, as if you have no trainers on!!

Good luck!
Renny said…
Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for reading and for sharing your experiences.

I think your approach is sound and I try to use minimalist runners as much as I can.

One place where I have noticed slightly better supported runners come in handy is when you've jarred something in your lower leg (I'm starting to think my achilles problem is a microtear rather than the overuse symptom, e.g. tendonitis/tendinosis).

A really good pair I'll be reviewing shortly are the Nike LunarGlide. They've got the lightness of the new Lunar series and a very breathable upper, yet they do provide a decent amount of support and protection, so I purchased it for days when my feet aren't feeling too good.

On the other extreme, I hope to do more running in my Vibram FiveFingers in the new season. I'd be curious what fell runners you've found best?