I have decided to undertake a bigger writing project, a concept I have pondered for some time and that I now believe it is time to initiate.

This will have some ramifications for the blog, for the beginning, I will slowly phase our Diary entries for the foreseeable future and focus strictly on reviews (gear, races etc.), articles, and commentaries to free up time for my writing project which will take priority over the blog until its complete.

I can't share any details unfortunately, as I am eager to protect my concept, but its safe to say I'm very excited about it. I have set a deadline of 18 months to complete the work after my project plan is complete (hopefully within the next few weeks). Even that is tight for the scale of my task, but being a fast writer and having talented "support staff" available to me, I'm confident its achievable.
Likewise this will mean that the blog will shift focus from being mainly about my personal journey, to being more a commentary on what's going on with training, with other runners, with races etc. There's good reason for this: I have sat down and decided to look at the next 10-years as my "career" and I've made a new plan in light of this recent injury setback. For various reasons, this new plan is not one I can share and taking out this element of the Blog suits perfectly with my reshuffling of priorities.
This doesn't mean there won't be any more training feedback to be found here, only the format will change.