TRAINING: More Pike's Ideas

I've come through 103km (64 miles) of running so far this year all at a very good pace (I'm ahead of target) so naturally eager to think more deeply about the next 8 months before Pike's Peak. I've had trouble with my Achilles for four days so only looking to add a short 6k run today. If the situation has improved by tomorrow hopefully I can get the remaining 30km I have planned done but I won't take any chances as these weeks are just the ramp-up and the real mileage all lies ahead.
One great session I read about for Pike's Peak was this: After each long hilly run, find a staircase or a step and do a session of "Step-ups" on it. This is a great idea as it simulates the fact that you have to navigate the infamous 16-Golden Steps staircase at the very final stages of the Pike's Peak Ascent when the air is at its thinnest.
It's also a great idea in general as it builds the right type of strength for uphill running and uses a movement that is incredibly specific to steep inclines. I'll be trying this session once I get a bit fitter. Until then I have implemented Step-Ups into the strength exercise regime I am slowly starting. I try to get a step at least as high as midway up my quads to get a proper exercise out of it. Doing this with a dumbbell in one hand is even more fun!
I'll be hoping for more creative sessions that mimic the trials and tribulations of the Pike's Peak over the coming months.


Colm O'Cnoic said…
Stair running after a run. Nice idea!
A mulitstory carpark is good for that. (not sure how many are in wicklow though)
Paul Wallace said…
Pike Peaks eh, never heard of it so I'm going to have to Google it. I'm guessing its some huge mountain in South Africa.....
Renny said…
Not even close I'm afraid mr. Wallace! Although South Africa would be a wonderful racing destination (the Comrades Ultra is to be found there ...).

Pike's Peak is one of the higher mountains in the Rockies close to Manitou Springs in Colorado.