RACES: To Meet or not to Meet

I have been struck by what is probably a stupid temptation. With another week of running ruined by achilles tightness last week, I have only been slowly resuming training this week and while early signs are good, caution is still advised. On the plus side I've thrown myself at the fabulous strength, core, technique and flexibility regime in "Advanced Marathoning" and get good use of the pool and the cross-trainer in the hotel.

Well, it so happens there is a Track Meet on on Saturday in Fargo and I reckon that despite probably being not at my best, I could be just about fast enough not to make a complete fool of myself, so I have decided to enter either the mile, the 3000s or the 5000s. I'll need a degree of comfort from the leg over the next two days obviously but somehow I feel I need something to refocus my mind after recent setbacks and also establish a baseline for whether I have lost much fitness or am still stronger than before emerging on the beginning of my much-brokendown base training. (of course I can only dream of the amazing fitness that would have been attained had my Lydiard Experiment continued unabated. I am now forced down a slower road again, but alas).

I've looked at last year's results (here) and if they are replicated this year I should hope for:

  • Mile: Around 13-14/15 in the mile (if I can run sub-5:08 in comparison to my PB of 5:11)
  • 3000m: My training level suggests I should finish about 6th/11 in 10:08 but my PB is only 11:13 (which would see me finish last)
  • 5000m: I should finish this in 17:30 based on recent results but my PB is only 18:45 (enough for around 14th/16, 17:30 would put me at 9th/16)

So it's a tough choice which event to choose. I'm most interested in the mile but may be more competitive over the longer distances given that what training I have done has all been at base to steady pace (not anaerobic) so I may struggle on the Mile. The 5000m on the other hand may require too much recovery at this stage of the season and with my achilles in mind it could be an unsafe choice.

I have until Friday to decide and will do some sprints to see how my legs are feeling for top speed.