DIARY: Snow on the Mountains

There was a snowfall yesterday evening as we moved from the "noughties" into the "tennies" (or however they will be labelled) meaning getting back up to my house didn't look like an easy task.
So this afternoon I decided to take the N11 and then the main road to Laragh and follow it to the Trooperstown Hill carpark. Here I got permission from the Trooperstown Lodge to park on their residential car park and then made my way on foot up the race route to my house.
I'd forgotten my headtorch but the moon and snow joined forces to light my way as I had anticipated they would. The climb was no easier in the conditions and the final few kilometres were very rough going as the snow deepened and the I fell into ice cracks hiding beneath the snow layer on a few occasions. The path over clarabeg mountain had disappeared so I followed the lower route around the hill eventually covering the 5.6km in about 45 minutes which I was happy with as conditions were rough and I was slightly hungover after New Years not to speak of the laptop I was carrying!
So now I'm safely installed in my cottage on the mountain with a huge supply of oil and food, so what more can a man ask, except maybe a car parked a bit closer!