DIARY: A Centenary's worth of Trouble

Finally, after almost 3.5 years in the running world, I assembled a century's worth of kilometres or in easier prose: Broke the 100k barrier for a week's work running 100.86k last week.

I wish I could say that the experiment continues unabated, however, but the first snakes have appeared in Paradise: The strange soreness that appeared under my front left after Tuesday's track session and then disappeared recurred 45 minutes into a 100-minute trail run yesterday.

While its not yet so painful that the panic bells should ring, it was a terrible moment. One moment I was firing along at good sub-5 minute pace on the bumpy wet trails of Clara Vale surprised at the strength and freshness left by the previous days 128-minute hill run. Then suddenly the soreness was there and I had to slow down as well as take several breaks to stretch and massage the foot.

The soreness is better today and I only subjected it to a 28-minute grass run around lunch time. It was alright, but when it first occurred it had disappeared the next morning, so whatever it is, it has come back slightly worse.

My immediate plan is to take this week as a "periodisation week", e.g. run lower volume (as much as possibly monitoring signals from the foot), but then carry on where I left off in week 8 and hopefully conclude a successful experiment in week 9. But right now it hangs in a thread. The soreness may be gone tomorrow, but if it isn't I could be looking at a more serious problem.

Only time will tell, but its a really pity to have this spanner put in the works as the body and legs are otherwise responding fantastically well to the increased volume: I feel more energetic, fitter and healthier than ever.


David Healy said…
Doing Lydiards training schedules as an experiement is laudable but if you've suddenly increased your training by more than 15%, even over the space of a few months meaning "suddenly", aren't you risking over training and over use injuries?
I don't know your training history though, just commenting without even knowning you.