UPDATE: Ask the Mountain-Runner

I'm often frustrated by the answers I see to questions in running magazines and on internet forums. I most often avoid diving in and answering myself because I generally know it'll trigger a long fruitless debate that is not worth anything to anyone.

However, as I'm now a coach-in-training as well as a runner, I feel I do have a responsibility to advise runners and prevent them from taking part in some of the madness that myself (past tense hopefully!) and countless other runners preach and partake in (there's plenty of good advice out there too but hard to see what's what).

So if you questions on running and think I talk sense here on the blog, simply mail: zarrock60 at hotmail dot com with your question. I will post summary Q&As on this Blog whenever I've received enough for an update (you'll get an update too by email).

Don't expect short answers where there are no short answers (expect them where there are). Expect questions if I feel there's a need for clarification, an answer out of context is as good as no answer.