TRAINING: Lydiard Week 3

This week my goal was 7.5 hours of running and 90k. I ended up doing 8.5 hours and running 86k. I felt I had to up the time on the final days as the 8.5k at Ticknock with my training group had been done so slow and with so many stops-and-gos (as I was instructing) that it had only modest value.
So today I did a slow hill run on parts of leg 3 and 4 of the Wicklow Way with Brendan Lawlor (and dog!) tallying to 12.6k. I then went home, practiced my drills on my local hill and did another 6.3k on the hill at a moderate pace to feel I had done a proper effort for the week.
The learning from this week is not to count running that is not part of a dedicated session set aside for myself in the time and mileage goals for my Lydiard programme. This volume should be recorded as "extra" just like Peter Snell would normally run about 10k 6 mornings a week in addition to his normal 100 miles. For normal mortals it merely means that if you have set aside a certain volume for good aerobic training and do some runs which quality you doubt, then counts them as a bonus (if you're able, of course).
After all Lydiard recommended doing as much really slow (junk) miles as you could in addition to your normal programme, especially in the mornings. The key thing with these "extra miles", of course, is that they cannot hamper your performance in your actual sessions. If they do, don't do them just yet.
Week 4 coming up with a target of 8 hours of running and 95k. Due to my amount of hill and trail running, my actual targets always seem to fall short around 5k per week, but this should equalise as I get faster over time. I've placed the bulk of my work early in the week to allow a few reasonably easy days before the Leinster Novices in Adamstown on Sunday.
Overall, a pleasing result as this week's mileage is my 2nd highest this year (I peaked at 90.6k in week 16) and last week was the 3rd highest, so things are gathering momentum now from a volume perspective (week 16 included a lot of punishing workouts so will stand out for a while even when I break the mileage record in the next few weeks).