TRAINING: Cross-Country Taper

Vis-a-vis my article earlier today on peaking, I felt I should show the difference between doing a taper without reducing volume or changing the overall training plan compared to doing a specific cross-country taper.

The below shows this week when I've merely shuffled volume around to have a lighter load towards the weekend and a cross-country taper the way Lydiard would have designed it and the type I'll be employing next year when I will focus on the cross-country in earnest.

My Week
Mon: 173 min (hill)
Tue: 65 min (recovery, track)
Wed: 25 min (warmup), 25 min (marathon)
Thu: 31 min (warmup/cooldown), 30 min (fartlek, 10x20sec sprint, 2:40 float)
Fri: 60 min (base, trail)
Sat: 39 min (recovery, hill)
Sun: Race and warmup/cooldown (62 minutes total)

Lydiard Cross-Country Race Week
Mon: Base 90 min
Tue: Windsprints 6-10x100m
Wed: Easy fartlek 45-60min
Thu: Time trial 1600-2400m (10k pace)
Fri: Strides 6x100m
Sat: Jog 30 min