DIARY: Week 1 of 9

1 week down, 8 to go of my Lydiard experiment and glad to report all well up till’ now. I completed the scheduled 6.5 hours of running on the road to the goal of 10.5 in week 9. It did not quite yield the 80km projected, mainly due to the hills runs I did, but ended up with 72km.

No niggles are hampering yet and the first sign of leg tiredness has only set in over the last three days so I only did 5k easy on the hills today in preparation for some heavy mileage tomorrow and Friday, then another slightly easy day of 50 minutes in preparation for the Dublin Novices, my first cross-country race in almost two years!

The most interesting finding from the race will be how my form will be in a short and fast race like this with no anaerobic training done since early August, or looking at it from the other side: How much can be achieved in an anaerobic race running solely on your aerobic foundation.