DIARY: Adaptation and Recovery

Week 5: 32 days into the Lydiard Experiment. Over the weekend I had the first niggles but much to my relief not only did they disappear early this week but I seem to now be seeing the first signs of adaptation.
After the race and then the 30k hill race I was naturally curious how I would react especially with 8 hours running to do this week. Taking it easy with a 65-minute recovery on the track, my legs immediately felt fresh again and I could do a much more steady-pace 50 minute run Wednesday before a really good 60-minute fartlek session on the track.
This must be the first signs of the adaptations of heavy volume aerobic training: Not instant dazzling speed but a very slow increase on a wide range over pace ranges but much more importantly: Increased recovery and adaptation to ever increasing training-loads.
Consider this: This year there's barely a day I haven't run and since this experiment started 5 weeks ago my easiest day was the 28 minute fartlek I did in week 2. I am not breaking down but on the contrary starting to regenerate faster. Good running form combined with progressive build of aerobic Lydiard-style training has so far proved to be the recipe necessary to prepare my body to take the sort of training it needs to endure later.
Another 5.5. weeks left to confirm my theory that 10.5hours/120k is achievable for an average runner within 9 weeks and will not break them but rather make the stronger and more adapted to harder training later.