DIARY: 2500k from 2008

Tonight's windy, cold, and wet run on the rocky paths around Ticknock (for some reason I felt like taking the worst trails today, perhaps because my legs felt heavy going up the Boneshaker) served as one of those victories of mind: I had 84 minutes to do, little daylight and would somehow have preferred a shorter run.

However, I have front-loaded this week to be fresher come the weekend and the Leinster Novices, so the work of the first two days had to be finished. Finishing up and jumping into a rapidly heating car, I could celebrate another milestone: 2500 kilometres (1553 miles). Certainly a record for me although modest by the standard of a top-runner (I'd estimate an Olympic Lydiard runner would have done around 7500-8000k in a year). I plan to finish this year around 3600k, so there's a lot of work left for November/December. Yet it's nice to celebrate these small records, it'll take year's for the full benefits to manifest but that's part of the allure.

In the meantime I urge people to have a read through these Lydiard slides (33 but well worth it!): here