RACES: Lakes 10k Result

Results went up on the Lakes 10k website lightning fast and my chip time of 38:28 was exactly the same as the time set in my first 10k in May. I also finished 20th which shows that the 400-man field was somewhat thin in the front although the winning time of 30:58 shows good class was there to be seen.

A bit of a price to be paid unfortunately. Thinking myself practically cured my stomach has indeed, seemingly, fixed itself but I've woken up with a sore throat and a mild fever and have spend most of the day in bed. Hopefully this will prove just a few days worth of flu and won't get any worse before tomorrow.

Congratulations to Caitriona Jennings who won the women's in front of Donna with 36:27 and Brian Maher whose afore-mentioned 30:58 time beat Peter Matthews and Ryan Montgomery. Hill runners will also recognise Padraig MacCriostail who finished 5th in 34:38.