NEWS: Mud Sweat and Tears!

The news has broken over at MST that I’m taking on the stint there as their “Irish reporter” trying to fill the big shoes (red ones) left by Moire O’Sullivan. When the offer to join MST first came up last year, I was admittedly tempted, but decided not to write Matt as I had a lot going on and was concerned that it may turn my writing from a hobby into something that felt more like a job.

So when Moire approached me on whether I was interested, I had to have a short think and surprisingly quickly came to the conclusion it would be nice to write to a bigger audience and try to challenge my writing style a bit.

Not many know this, but when I was a wee 18-year-old just out of high school, my main ambition was to become a sports journalist and I had applied for the very prestigious “Danish School of Media and Journalism”, a specialised university. The task was daunting: The University only let in 25 applicants each year and the average age of accepted applicants was 25.

These odds combined with a reluctance to leave the old friends and the old town so young, meant I cancelled my application, canned the dream, and after one year in Business High School found a new calling on the Aarhus Business University. Was it the right choice? Maybe, maybe not, but I’m in Ireland now and will get a chance to write news snippets about the most interesting sport in the world, so in some ways I feel like I’ve come full circle in the 12 years between then and now.

In preparation for this new “assignment” I have been busy on various stuff and got two articles half-finished over the weekend, perhaps I should have fully finished one instead? This will mean slightly less articles on this blog, of course, as my time remains a finite resource but one thing I hope to do is follow up on articles written for MST with longer and more detailed elaborations on the topics here (e.g. my favourite "let's write a scientific thesis!" style of writing). In this way both the patient and the impatient reader should be able to gain something.