DIARY: Towards the Lakes 10k

It's been veyr quiet on the Blog due to my trip to England and then the breakdown of my work laptop. I've got a temporary replacement but it'll be a while until I'm 100% back up and running.

And speaking of running, I started having strange stomach problems about 10 days ago. Believing it to be a simple virus in the beginning, I left it and tried to train through it. After all, I was only doing aerobic runs and wasn't feeling bad. Throughout the weekend it worsened, however, and I eventually had to take a day off sick Monday and consult a doctor. He couldn't yet put down a diagnosis so prescribed medication and told me to try it for three days.

So with the Lakes 10k coming up, and 10 days sabotaged, I'm currently not in the best of moods. There's only been a very slight improvement and I fear that the stomach problem is something more serious. Cramps and burns are periodic. They have eased off somewhat today but mainly because I have subsisted on as little food as possible and have now learned to stay clear of anything complex.

This has lead to some weight-loss I daresay. Whether I'll be ready to race on Saturday is anyone's guess. On the minus-side I've got no anaerobic conditioning so must relay on being able to run in the region of 3:45min/km using mainly aerobic resources. Not an inconceivable thing to do and I have had some very strong aerobic runs recently which suggest that is not far off. The weightloss will also come in my favour (but at what cost to strength?).

On the downside, my stomach currently reacts negatively to all forms of stress and a race is obviously such. Secondly, my training has been poor for the last 6 days and my calorie-intake catastrophic. I will take in a huge amount of sugars if I can on Friday evening in the hope of rebuilding some of what must be quite depleted glycogen stores.

Anyway, I will set out at 3:45min/km pace and see how far it takes me. If I blow up, at least I know exactly why. Next up I'll talk about the course in England which was a great and eye-opening experience!