DIARY: Back from Denmark!

The Blog is back! I have spent 8 days in Denmark attending our local Folk Festival and enjoying the performances of such legendary performers as Arlo Guthrie and his family and celtic folkrockers the “Young Dubliners”. During this time I had sworn to stay away from the internet and running (which I managed to do). I still kept up my promise of running every day; of course, jogging the 2km to my parent’s every morning from the festival plaza where we were tenting. This worked well and always shook out the worst hangover. However, this was certainly a rest week and I’m only really back in running action today when I’ll be doing a run down at Ticknock, probably starting easy with an hour or so before doing several long slow trots this weekend.

There’s a lot coming up, this weekend I’m taking it easy but the following weekend I’m travelling to Yorkshire to attend the Fell and Mountain Running Level 2 Coaching Course organised by the Fell-Runners Association. This is the first part of the course consisting of two full days on the fells and then a task to conduct over the next months until I have to travel to Stockport in November for the second part of the course. I’m looking forward to this with some gusto and if it goes well will be making an effort to make Level 3 next year.

On articles, here are some of the things coming up:

· Lydiard: I’ll speak more of the blending of my program hitherto with the principles of Lydiard

· Evolution Running and Uphills: The Evolution Running style has a lot to teach us about efficient uphill running, I’ll look into how effective this really is

· Cross-Country: I’ll be looking forward to the cross-country season

· Training Course: And obviously I’ll be sharing my experience about the training course in England and my time on the Yorkshire fells

Finally, I may do something on the Danish road running scene. Next year, I’ll stay in my home town for the week after our Festival to attend “Tønder Løbet” (The Tundira Run), a 4.2k, 10k, and Half-marathon in my native town. It’s incredibly flat where I’m from so if the wind stays quiet (not a given!) there are ample opportunities for personal bests on the route.

More so, however, I’d like to run in front of my “home crowd” for the first time for as Billy Bland aptly put it “if you’re nowt at home, you’re nowt anywhere”. Winning times in the race have varied from 1:06 to 1:18 for the men so everything can be achieved in this race. Much depends on whether Ecco’s squad of Kenyan runners turn up and with the prize money being only 200 euros, this decision must rest on whether the local exposure has priority for the shoe-manufacturer or not, as they are running a professional and not a romantic outfit.