DIARY: Aerobic Training and Coaching Course

My body's positive response to hefty volumes of aerobic training continues apace and to celebrate that Lydiard's methods have delivered me from the brink of the destructive training-spiral that has destroyed so many runners, I have signed up for the Lydiard Foundation for the annual fee of 100 dollars. Here I want to take all the three levels of Lydiard Coaching Certs.

Before that, however, I'm going to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire for two days on the fells with a FRA instructor an a group of hill runners. Our goal: Well, to complete the "Fell and Mountain Running Level 2 Coach" course. I'm hugely excited about this, I am doing it on the understanding that I will complete the Irish Level 1 Coach course at my earliest convenience. Next year I hope to return for Level 3.

My thirst for knowledge is endless, of course, so I have looked at online Exercise Physiology courses and have found a really good one: 12 months and 450 dollars entry fee. I'll talk more of this once I've confirmed entry. These three elements should set me up to slowly start my coaching "career" as well next to my running. It'll be very much secondary to competing for the next decade at least so as not to burn my candle in both ends. I'll write in detail about all courses.

Aerobic Bliss
Coming back from my break I was very enthusiastic and completed four hill runs in four days. 60k, 6 hours, and 2000m of ascent. A very good haul. Today I did a great 18km run from my house into Clara Vale, which I looped, before running back up on the hill. A good 96 minutes with 389m of ascent.

It's amazing how well I feel my fitness responding to this high volume of low intensity training, so based on that and Lydiard's principles, I've decided that I will not pursue a second peak this year. Instead I'll keep building my aerobic base until my first planned peak race in 2010. This will allow me to build a huge aerobic base, possibly the equivalent of 2-3 standard winter cycles (it is possible to hit a roof here where I need to peak out before going back and building the aerobic base further, but I will be able to see this from my training feedback).

This may sound like I'm giving up on my 10k targets and the cross-country season but its quite the contrary. I consider it an interesting experiment in how far you can get on a dose of varied aerobic training and some speed sharpening (e.g. sprints so short they don't cause major anaerobic build-up) and lots of hills for strength. I think I'll race perfectly well in both the 10k and the cross-country. Sure, I'll lack a little bit of an edge this year, but I have a feeling we'll be talking about running 5% below current potential or less which is fine if I can reap the benefits in 2010. Seeing how much can be gained from aerobic training and a few races alone will also be very confidence building.

Look back to 2008, my best year. All I did was long slow runs (because my injury didn't allow any fast training) and then I did races. That alone reaped huge dividends. Sure a peaking model would allow me to do slightly better, but my feeling is that it would mean starting 2010 with a slightly lower aerobic base. There's no reason for this as I don't have time to create another top-performance in 2009 anyway. So we will see how this aerobic experiment goes.


RoyMcC said…
Good on you for taking an interest in coaching Rene - it is so rewarding and too few pursue it.

I look forward to you introducing Lydiard training at Irishtown - just to see the sparks fly!
Renny said…
Thanks Roy, I'm looking forward to this new challenge!

Poor Arthur, he get's awful bad press in some places! I may let it seep through the cracks rather than barge it through the gates!