DIARY: Sick Days

It seems like quiet before the storm at the moment. I've fallen ill with a very sore throat since Monday and while I managed to pull through both Sunday's and Tuesday's session very well, it looks like I may have to subsist on a diet of slow runs for the remainder of the week, leaving some catch-up to do for the coming weeks.

Much the same on the Crusaders front were the Healy brothers and Jason Kehoe have deserted the hills for the last weeks along with myself. There's only two big battles left to fight for most of our runners: Tomorrow's World Trial and the Warrior's Run in Sligo where the 1000 euro prize money and new tougher route has attracted a record crowd of 400. The standard promises to be spectacular.

All eyes have already moved forward to the great challenges of Autumn: the National Half, the Dublin Marathon and, most competitive of all, the cross-country season where only a perfect blend of speed, strength, endurance and doggedness will get you anywhere.

It'll be an exciting time. I have recently purchased the DVD "Evolution Running" and am already correcting some fatal flaws in my running style (particularly my uphill style, where I know think I'm close to cracking the code) and hope to gain greater consistency and more notable results over Winter while remembering that there will be a very steep learning curve for the cross-country. I'll be writing an article on the DVD once I've fully digested it.

Fitness-wise my recent sessions are promising and my injuries still remain undead so the remaining worry is the many colds and flus I've had this year. I don't really display any other symptoms of overtraining, so theorise that my diet is the cause. This year, if I'm honest, its been more of a "reasonably good" than "super healthy" fare that I have subsisted on.

Anyway, a busy weekend ahead with the World Trial, there should be something to report...