DIARY: Sick Days taking their toll

I'm now in day 8th of my mystery flu causing periodised tiredness, sore throat, coughing and mild cold symptoms. On the good side my appetite is normal and my body's reaction to light running is tolerable if not entirely positive.

Comparing the symptoms to overtraining syndrome (as any runner should), I don't see too many similarities especially as my muscular system seems fresh (I do have worries about the cardiovascular system, the neurological or potentially the mineral and vitamin content of my blood). I will wait a few more days before seeing a doctor in the hope its simply a tenacious cold that will pass.

The impact on my half-marathon training has so far been the postponement of some volume and one speed sessions into the taper period. This remains acceptable as I had planned a very long taper but 1-2 more days of illness and my plan will be on a seriously shaky foundation. I dropped planned mileage from around 70k last week to an easy week of 54k. This week has 80k planned and I still hope to make it with a strong recovery tomorrow. Fingers crossed...