DIARY: Devil's Glen done and coming up...

The Devil's Glen race finally saw the light of day and Wednesday and judging on reactions it was a great success. There's my own and Eamonn Hodge's race reports on the event here: http://www.imra.ie/events/view/tab/report/id/638/
Updates may be a little bit sparse over the next few days. I'm looking to take on a few challenges in Autumn that I find very interesting and which I think will provide some great articles for this website. I can't yet reveal all the details but let's just say it has very "practical" implications for now!
Due to this, I'm busy writing some work in preparation for that and need to down-prioritise the blog (sniff!) for a few days.
My illness has almost receded and I completed a delightful 1h52 run which took me from Ticknock over Fairy Castle and Tibradden to midway up the new Cruagh forest tracks and back again. Pace was nice and easy with and a few friends joined me. Training my new uphill running technique from the "Evolution Running" DVD I never tired on the uphills. I'll write an article on this as soon as I get my other tasks out of the way.
For now, I'll be signing off for the weekend. Two sessions to do: Today I'm doing my speed session which is 8x400m with 1:30 float @ 3:36min/km pace (3k pace) and 12x200m with 2:00 float at 1 mile pace (3:20min/km). This is a bit slow compared to the speed I've been running these at recently, but I'll try and hold back a bit today so I don't relapse into illness.
On Sunday my speed-stamine workout awaits which is Progression run with 10 minutes of warmup before I accelerate to marathon speed for 37 minutes and then half-marathon speed for 27 minutes. All going without incident I should clock 80k this week.