RACES: Snowdon International Race

I'm back from Wales in one piece and currently writing up a big race report for Snowdon. I was encouraging the band to put up some race reports to get some stories from the great day we all had on the Welsh hill, but instead I managed to get a lot of anecdotes and a request to "tell everyone's story", which I'll try to do on the IMRA website later today or tomorrow when I'm finished.

Personally, I was very happy with the race. My time of 1:29:14 was a 10min and 5 seconds improvement on my 2007 time. Last year I had to sit out with injury and while I was climbing better then than I am currently, I don't think I could have done better as my body was too wrecke to take the descent. Today the descent went incredibly smoothly, I only tired on the flattish bit in the middle and at the end. It was my best descent of the season and it was encouraging that my time of 30:29 was slightly quicker than Vincent O'Sullivan's while being close enough to Keith and Richie that I can be pleased with it. It was also a five minute improvement on my descent in 2007.
I was 21 minutes after winner Andi Jones which constitutes a "% of Win Time" of 130%, not bad when considering he's probably the best athlete to line-up in any race I've participated in (perhaps with the exception of the Kenyan who won the Marselis Run in Denmark in 2008). To compare Three-Peaks winner 08 Jethro Lennox from Scotland only finished 4th in Snowdon that same year.

I finished 76th or 77th (I'm not sure as I forgot my chip and only got a clock time) which was another good jump from the 184th of 2007. Even better everybody seemed to be quite happy with their times and performances overall, although there were quite a few bruises to report afterwards.

Anyway, race report coming up and hopefully I'll be able to provide a split-analysis of the route as well. In the meantime, roll on Snowdon 2010, I think I have to be back for more...