PREVIEW: New Garmin - ForeRunner 310XT

Flicking through the Runner's World August Edition I picked up yesterday I noticed an ad for a new Garmin watch. Not only did it look more like my beloved 305 than the slick, but endlessly frustrating, 405, its name evoked an association telling me this watch was the most advanced Garmin had put out yet:

The new ForeRunner 310XT adds some features that will fill both adventure racers, triathletes and ultra-runners with glee. Not only does it have some of the newer technologies found in the 405 (such as wireless connectivity) but much more importantly its water resistant down to 50 metres (meaning you can swim with it!), and has a battery life of 20 hours (you may make a Wicklow Round with one of these!).

The watch looks to have an easier and sleeker interface than both the 305 and 405.

A good (brief) overview can be found here where you can also see that the additional gadgets to go with the 310 (HR monitor and footpod) have also been reduced in size.