REVIEW: New Racers!

I went out and got the ASICS DS Racer for tomorrow’s Wicklow Way Relay. I’m all about minimalistic racing shoes these days and Barry Minnock told me he set the record for the Wicklow Way Trail wearing this model. I tested them yesterday and I can see why: The shoe is light and extremely stable (my Nike LunarLite is lighter but too unstable and too fragile for the mixed terrain).

Leg 7 doesn’t yield itself to my trail runners as the Salomon’s are too heavy for racing and for studded shoes like the PUMA Trailfoxes or Inov-8s the tarmac section will do too much damage to the sole. So the DS Racer was the obvious choice with its good forefoot grip (put in place to increase traction), minimal cushioning and stable design.

I also bought a pair of Nike Mayflys (just for the craic): A revolutionary new shoes that Nike says encompass their original ideal for a shoe. It’s a racing shoe that “falls apart the moment you cross the finish line” and it comes with a disclaimer that it only lasts 100km (61 miles). It’s cheap at 40 euros but probably the most expensive per kilometre if you calculate it that way!

The shoe is a dream, super-lightweight, very comfortable and very close to the ground. It’s basically a thin orange plastic sole with a bit of thin mesh attached to it and nothing else. No support, no technical stuff, no nothing. Everything you need for nice unimpeded and free running. It comes with a nice bag as well if you find yourselves missing cool accessories! (and what masculine hill runner doesn’t...)

I’ll provide more details when I’ve run in both. I think I’ll test the Mayfly in a 5k or 10k race in August.