DIARY: Statistics Year to Date

After today's earlier post on the European Trial, some quick (perhaps meaningless) statistics on my “year so far”.

· Training Weeks Completed (2009): 23/23 (100%)

· Mileage completed (to date): 1398km/869miles

· Running Days (Year to date): 158/168 (94%)

· Recovery (Low mileage) Weeks: 2 (of the 23)

· Highest Mileage (wk.): 90.6 km/56.3 miles

· Lowest Mileage (wk.): 27.2 km/16.9 miles

· Average mileage/day: 8.85 km/5.5 miles

· Races: 11

· Best Finish: 4th (Gibbet Hill)

And how my mileage has progressed in relation to plan (red line is “Actual Miles” vs. the blue line which is “Scheduled Miles”). This doesn’t take into account the high proportion of fast and hill running that I do.

I “used up” two of my four yearly “Recovery Weeks” in week 19 and 20 to get through the injury from Howth which is why the natural progression you can see suddenly suffers “a break”.

The chart also shows how I use periodisation, increasing mileage from week 1-3 in a 4 week cycle before dropping it in week 4.

You may also have noticed, with some disgust that on some occasions I “fail” to hit the scheduled number of kilometres. Before you despair on my behalf, the reason is that my system is based on “time” not “mileage”. I assign time for a session, e.g. “40 minute base run” not “8k run”. When running on challenging terrain, you cover less mileage in the same time but not at the expense of less effort. Also, my system cannot discern the slower running pace used in floats during sessions. It simply calculates the time spend during a session as if it was all done at full speed. So the last few weeks with hefty hill running mileage, I have fallen further behind kilometre estimates than previously. Still I am quite happy with the rate at which I follow my plan and how it shows a true progression in training, an element I believe is critical for long-term and sustained improvements.