DIARY: Scar(r)y Training!

Don't leave your races on the training ground say the wise.

Today there were times when I feared I would do that as I embarked on a dress rehearsal of Wednesday's Scarr race. I've been 38th and 24th on this route and run first 43:54 and then 41:24. Jogging to the top today, my legs practically felt like they were electrically charged and never did I feel like stopping or doing a bit of power-walking.

Instead I reached the top in 28 minutes and finished the course in 46:03 despite constantly reminding myself "relax-relax-relax". I was testing my DS Racers on rough ground and in the beautiful dry conditions on Scarr today they actually handled better than most fell-runners. Enough traction on the front and the lightness was great in getting your feet over the terrain quickly.

I hope today's freshness doesn't come back to haunt me tomorrow. I had a late enough night (1:30) yesterday but still woke fresh as a fiddle, something that has eluded me since Monday morning. I'll watch my rest and my training over the next few days and hopefully I will be in good form again for the race. Bring it on anyway, I'll go out to break 40 minutes, it's a good round figure and I set last year's time slipping and falling around in road runners which couldn't have helped my time.

More Good News!
I decided to have a look at how I'm doing weight-wise and the results were encouraging. In April I had bulked up too much and was weighing in at 72.7kg with a body-fat percentage of 11.9%.

Finally last week I managed to get below 70 and this week another 500g have gone off so I am closing in on my true hill-running weight now at 69 kilos with a body-fat percentage of 9.4%. Even better my muscle mass % increased from 44.4% to 45.5% and my visceral (internal) fat stores have decreased from a factor 5 to a factor 3. Visceral fat is internal fat in the cavity area and around the vital organs. My scale applies a scale of 0-29 for these levels with anything below 12 is considered healthy but 3 seems perfect as I can't see this type of fat being beneficial at all except in the minutest of quantities.

With my training level I should be using the athlete mode rather than the middle mode I use, but the figures seem unrealistically low (I'm sometimes pegged with a body-fat percentage around 4% which seems too low).

So joy all round, plenty of energy, lighter than ever and the season is only really about to heat up over the coming 6 weeks.


PJ Carroll said…
Rene...From a man who has made many mistakes in training,ie I am on a continuous learning curve like lots of us, can I make one comment regarding your training run today. Its possible to run fast the day after a hard effort as your legs are still bouncy but it would not be the right training. Its better to restrain yourself ,run very slow. In the short term re wednesdays race it might be ok, but fatigue has a habit of accumulating. I have done this many times but rarely now. As I say I dont know it all but be careful the day after a race. Regards PJ
Renny said…
Hi PJ, I think you are correct in your analysis. While my legs are in reasonable condition today and I did another easy hill run around the house, I've been much more fatigued and less "spritely" today.

I did my best yesterday to try and hold back, but I was taken somewhat by surprise by the feeling of freshness. It's interesting to hear of this "bouncy" effect, incidentally, it's the first time I've felt that after a race (generally I feel sore) so I had no idea on how best to handle it (e.g. constrain myself or "use it", in the end I did something somewhere in the middle).

All advice is welcome here, so thanks!