DIARY: Brockagh Thoughts

Will be posting a proper race review tomorrow but falling asleep is hard to do after a hard race with a late finish in the pub (Lynhams is a great place). A delightful swim in the river behind the pub also added to an overall good night.

I won't linger to much on the performance, but suffice it to say I was quite happy with it. My time was slower than last year by 25 seconds but I had the best ascent of the league so far (courtesy of mr. Martin Francis, something I'll explain tomorrow!). Unfortunately I twisted my bad right ankle just after the cairn which meant my descent was not at its best (in fact more than 1 min 10 seconds slower than last year). Only kilometre ten was run faster as I did it in 3:15 this year against 3:16min/km last year. It worthwhile noting I was hobbling the last bit in 2008 as I also twisted my ankle then. Seems Brockagh doesn't return to the great love I hold for it!

Real pity because I was 50 seconds quicker to the top than last year and arrived in very good company with Jimmy Synnott and Mick Hanney who only overtook me on the turn. This was fantastic news as it meant I'm finally fitter than last year (and moving forward again), would have broken my target of 50 minutes, and would in all likelihood have returned to the top-20. The elation would have been fantastic, so it was in both anger and pain I was cursing and moaning going down. The disappointment was almost unbearable, but the my reasonable recovery and the small extent of the injury makes this seem better in hindsight.

I'll probably terminate my participation in this year's Leinster League now. Cynically speaking, there's nothing more I'll get out of it this year. I'll give the foot a chance to recover and go into some serious training for Snowdon the next few weeks. That race will be the silver-lining I'm looking for and apart from that I desperately want to enter the Winter season without niggles and injuries so I can finally experience a good Winter cycle of training as I know how important that is for performance.

Anyway, goodnight, real race report to follow tomorrow as it was a dramatic day in the hills.