DIARY: Gearing UP

My last three week's have been a bit of a mess training wise after the super-regimentation of the 19 weeks preceding it.

I feel I'm slowly getting back on track, however, so its with some excitement I look forward to tomorrow's UPHILL ONLY race up to the top of Djouce. I have a lot of personal atonement to do.

Last year I ran in the 112-115% of winning time range every time I had been back from injury more than a few weeks (last year was a swing-door in that respect) and this is ignoring the 107% at Scalp, as Barry Minnock, the leader, got lost. This year has not been as promising: While Annacurra looked like I could keep it up with 113% of Win time, I slumped to 125%.

I was heading for 113-114% when I fell at Howth, which should perhaps give me some hope before tomorrow's race. I'm not really subsisting on hope, however, instead there seems to be a blind fury building up. Not directed at any one but the cruel luck I've had over the last 18 months forcing me to play catch-up with myself of all people.

Normally I run best on a mixture of rage and disappointment. Hopefully tomorrow will prove this true...