DIARY: National 10k Result

Just a quick update before I hit the sack on today's 10k in Navan.

It was a nice route with a slightly challenging climb on one side of the 5km loop and a finish in the Claremont Stadium athletics track. There was an impressive size crowd and a what seemed to be a good standard.

Our Crusaders women's team did very well, and personally I was reasonably happy too.

I finished in 38:26 (running 10.1km according to my Garmin giving me a an effective time of 38:09). This was, of course, slightly disappointing, I had felt really good midway, although I was already 38 seconds down crossing 5k in 18:58. My first kilometre in 3:33 had probably been too fast, and I may have overcompensated. My last two kilometres were strong, so I'm in two minds on the race.

Full analysis tomorrow...