DIARY: German Thoughts

Well, the Blog again has to linger slightly quietly while I am temporarily stationed in Germany. I have had a tough few weeks, just about closing out 50 miles last week (as scheduled) but removing one key session due to fatigue.
There's been one or two worrying signs from knee and foot, but nothing critical yet, so I am merely monitoring the situation closely. One thing seems clear at the moment: I cannot handle 3 key workouts per week and mileage of 60+km. I'll be looking into a slight revision of training for the rest of the season, focusing on two key sessions and a long run with everything else being easy as long as my mileage is in the 50 mile region.
I am making a late call on whether or not to run Wicklow Way Trail on Saturday and will only go ahead if I perceive that injury risk is absolutely minimal. Although I am very pleased with my current form, in many ways I am in the best form yet, I have not managed to drop any weight, which means I'm stuck at a fairly hefty 72kilos (a good bit too much for a 5'11''/181cm runner).
When I set the 1:48 time in last year's race, I weighed only 65 kilos. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that no fitness increase can make up for a deficit of 7 kilos, so I am facing a monumental task bettering my time. I would be very loathe to sacrifice the energy needed for a good Wicklow Way Trail without getting a Personal Best in return (call me cynical), so I have a lot of thinking to do before Saturday.
Reading last year's account of the race still makes me smile though, and its one of the truly great battle of the hills but you have to pick your races and pick your moments, so I'll be pondering heavy thoughts in Germany over the next few days.
If anyone needs a good read in the meantime, I suggest checking out the cool new invention for injured runners here: http://www.alter-g.com/alterg/ad.aspx
When it comes to Ireland and becomes affordable, no person will ever have to miss a day of running again due to injury. I can't wait!