DIARY: Anniversary Days and Coming Up...

Things have been going fantastic since I returned from Germany. While my cold is still there, the tiredness has gone and been replaced with strength and confidence.

Yesterday I celebrated 100 days running in a row, and next week I'll be rounding the 1000km run this calendar year so far.

The joy of these minor milestones was nothing like the self-belief I could take from my recent sessions. They went so well that I was inspired to write a 4 page article on how to go about your interval sessions. Its not a scholarly walkthrough, rather a personal one, which I think will be easy to digest. My second and more controversial idea will be a walkthrough of the Team Competition in the Leinster League, team by team!

Happy Raving

The sessions that sparked this inspiration rated from "good" to "epic" on my personal scale (obviously, they'd be a walk in the park for an Olympian). I spend my Sunday completed a hill rep session consisting of 8x400m Uphill repeats, with 400m downhill recoveries.

While this session went very well, it compares meagerly with the monster I had lined up for Tuesday: A 22km session consisting of warmup, 4x2000m (2 minute floats) at 10k pace, 11x200m at 1 Mile pace (200m float), and cooldown.

The result was the best session I have run yet, I managed 9.52km from my 4x2000m intervals in 38:04. Despite the 2 minute slower floats, I could have run another 480 metres as slow as 4:01min/km pace (6:28min/mile) and still broken 40 minutes for the 10k. My average pace for the 8000m of 10k pace running was 3:46min/km (6:04min/mile). After this training performance I am confident that I will break 37:30 for the 10k at the Nationals next week.

PBs Galore...

It got better, despite feeling a bit laboured, I completed all of my 11x200metres in an average pace of 3:11min/km (5:07min/mile), and broke my personal best for a 200m with a repetition of 35.53seconds (2:57min/km or 4:45min/mile) pace. My slowest was 41 seconds and I was amazed at how well I could maintain pace despite the heavy volume.

When I left the track my Nike LunarLite had pounded through 21.8km in 1:34:27 combining warmups, sessions, and cooldowns. This roughly means I completed a half-marathon out there in 1:31:25 (probably faster). The fastest I've run on the road was pacing Aoife last year in about 1:34:15, so its safe to say I set PBs on both the 10k and half-marathon distance last night on the track.

I also narrowly missed out of on a PB for 5k, I did my two middle 2000metres including the 2 minute rest in 16:03 at my best. The distance for this was 4.4km, meaning I could have broken my record by running another 600m in 2:44min, a very relaxing 4:34min/km (7:22 min/mile) pace! So with current form I should be looking at running 18:05 for the 5k, 37:30 for the 10k, and 1:22:39 for the half-marathon. The first sounds easy, the second very realistic, while the last seems quite challenging, so these charts may work out funny, but I'll see soon enough. Next Sunday its time to tick the first box.

Now how's that for a training session! (but I better start racing before this form goes away!). Anyway, enough raving from my side and back to writing articles, but sometimes its necessary to share your happiness!


RoyMcC said…
Nice Rene, well done. Good job I told them to keep the stadium open until you'd finished :-)

And you should believe that you can still improve significantly.
Renny said…
Thanks for the encouragement Roy, and for keeping me for not getting locked in as well!

Loved the novel btw, when is Chapter 2 coming out? ;-)