DIARY: Another Mile Trial!

Tonight Crusaders are hosting another 1 Mile Time Trial (before the annual Pub Quiz!) and I am more interested this time around than last.

Last time I somehow managed to run only 5:52 (3:30min/km pace or 17kph) despite having run faster in a 3000m race just two weeks before. Two weeks ago I ran the first (most uphill!) kilometre of Little Sliabh Bui in 3:34, basically the same pace.

Understandably, I expect a substantial betterment of my previous best of 5:45 (which was set as part of a 3x1 mile session and not a dedicated Time Trial). My best training performances so far have been within the Target Pace Level 24 system in Matt Fitzgerald’s system, but I still train as a TPL 32 (moving down to 31 this week).

A runner of TPL 24 runs the mile in 05:15 so this is the best I can hope for at the moment. I’ve run downhill kilometres in 3:01 on several occasions, sometimes back-to-back, which is 4:51 mile pace, but I cannot quite generate that force without gravity’s help at the moment.

Finally, I have to factor in my session on Sunday which left severe muscle fatigue in my upper legs and core area. This was understandable, it was a decent session featuring 2x1000m at half-marathon pace, as well as 7x2min uphill reps with 2:30 downhill floats and finished with a 1x40 sec slightly faster uphill effort and 4km of warm-up and cool down. The day before I had done my weekly long run an 18km hill run at easy pace with 750m of ascent in about 1:40.

Downhill running reduces muscle power by 10% for up to 10 days after and the uphill session will have tired my muscles to some degree.

So balancing these factors against each other, I’d be happy running the mile in anything less than 5:30. Anything slower than that I would consider a very poor showing of present form. This is 3:25min/km pace which is 2 seconds slower than what I ran the Rathdrum 3k in but I’m slower on the flat than on a route that features equal measures of uphill and downhill. I put this down to a good ability for me to make the most of a descent (this again would be down to running form) while possessing more of a hill runners strength and less of a road runners raw pace for the flats.