ARTICLE: New Generation of Running Shoes

More and more running shoe manufacturers have embraced the finding that the more running shoes simulate barefoot running, the better it is for performance and injury-prevention.

Matt Fitzgerald and Tim Noakes have been among the “evangelists” for this in recent years in their books “Brain Training for Runners” and the “Lore of Running”.

Among shoe-manufacturers Nike was the first to embrace this concept with the Nike Free shoe and, to a lesser extent the, the Nike Lunar Lite series of shoes. PUMA also entered the mix with their H Street series and Adidas with the ZX Racer. Many fell shoes also share the characteristics of these “free” shoes as they are equally low to the ground and minimalistic in their protective elements.

A year ago I also saw the revolutionary concept of the Vibram Five-Finger Sport, which is basically a “foot-glove”. Matt Fitzgerald heralds this as one of the best foot strengthening tools, and I don’t think he is wrong.

Now, I was delighted to see on Matt Fitzgerald’s blog that a company from my hometown of Tonder in Denmark, the well-known international shoe manufacturer ECCO, is joining the fray with a truly ambitious endeavour called Project BIOM.

You can read the full review of these new shoes here:
And the official page can be viewed here (it’s very well done):

There are a number of shoes in the range of BIOM, currently a Racing version and a Fitness version is available (the racing version, however, is disappointingly only available in the male version so far). A Trail version is also in production, which should hold particular interest to the hill running community.

I won’t repeat Matt’s review here, so off you go to his site to read more J