INJURY: A Light in the Dark - Laser Centre

I'm waiting to hear back from John Murphy tomorrow whether or not my self-assessment of my setback is correct.

In the meantime, Sharlene told me about this new place called the Laser Centre who also specialise in sports injuries. I took contact to them at their website, and they told me that their laser technology may be effective in looking into the status of all my old injuries: the torn meniscus, the plantar remnants, the kneecap injury, and the sprained ankles in the right foot.

They should be able to ascertain whether or not things have healed back naturally, and if not readjust the tissue or remove the scar tissue.

I'm quite excited about this prospect, as I believe the mounting scar tissue in my limbs could become a real threat to my future running prospects. If there is a way to fix it, I'm willing to try it.