DIARY: Trooperstown Home

With a race looming at Trooperstown Hill (my personal favourite and in the joint lead in my poll for "most popular Winter League race), I had time to inspect the precise location of my new cottage (aptly named "The Garden Cottage").

In the Trooperstown Hill race the first peak you conquer is an unnamed "twin" of Trooperstown Hill itself covered with the same characteristic dark heather. On its peak are a pair of Boots left there in memorial of a local hiker who loved the views there and for anyone who has been there you would be loathe to blame him!

When you pass over this hill you hit a five-road junction. A runner in the race turns right towards Trooperstown Hill here. Having purveyed the Google map, I could clearly see that by taking the broad road straight left, I would be let down to my cottage within less than a kilometre.

This position is so close to the main hill that I'm basically in a hill race once I've taken 50 steps out the door. Obviously, the opportunities for hill session and training runs are mind-boggling.

Being greatly inspired by the old tradition of fell-runner who practically lived on the fells, I'm sure this will be greatly beneficial to my long-term training. Christmas has come early, all I need to do now is wait for the swelling of my knee to finally clear up...

For anyone hill runners out there who know me, there's an open invitation to join my for a session on Trooperstown Hill any time!