INJURY: Update

Third day of injury today and no improvement, if not stagnant I would say the knee has degenerated since Sunday despite a now 2 day rest.

All injuries respond well to R-I-C-E treatment (Rest-Icing-Compression-Elevation) and I applied a cold bandage for a few hours Sunday and again today and am wearing a magnetic compression bandage most of the other times. Today I also started using weak anti-inflammatories, just in case, and if the issue is deemed bad enough at the physio on Friday, hopefully I will be prescribed stronger anti-inflammatories.

I've done as much reading as I could on the knee and it was hard to make a diagnosis, but it seems to be a patello-femoral problem, e.g. the knee-cap has moved out of position slightly and something underneath it has gotten irritated.

It's a pity I couldn't get an earlier appointment than Friday, but for the moment all I can do is wait and hope. Unfortunately, it looks like my season preparation will now suffer a considerable setback again. While not depressed, its hard not to start getting apathic about the constant bad luck.