INJURY: The Verdict - Patellar Inflammation

It took John Murphy in the Carysfort Clinic less than a minute to diagnose my worsening knee pains as an inflammation of the patella (kneecap) caused by my bursa suffering an internal blow as I broke hard on the downhill tarmac at Ticknock almost 4 weeks ago.

This is a relatively common injury with a very unpredictable healing time. John was hopeful of having me back running by Thursday next week, and in order to speed up the settling down of the painful inflammation a number of measures must be taken:

  1. 2x Nurofen per day
  2. 10x 10min icing of the knee over the weekend and as much as possible after that
  3. 50 leg raises per day
  4. 2 min of moving the knee cap from side to side (he showed me how to do this, it looks quite funny!)
So all in all this was good news as I feared something had torn or been broken in the knee. I have no opportunity to keep doing cardiovascular exercise unfortunately as both biking and swimming equally irritate the knee and must therefore also be avoided for the next week.