DIARY: First Time Trial

I conducted a 1-mile time trial today to test how far I had progressed from week 1-4.

My plan was to move from Target Pace Level 33 to 32, so I had to hit a time of 06:10 to 06:04. Fastest I've run over the distance is 5:46, but that was not a dedicated 1-mile attempt, so it's not a very useful measure.

I did 15min base pace (which turned out to be marathon pace as I was feeling frisky), dynamics, and technique drills for my warm-up, then readied on the line at Irishtown with my Garmin set to run 1 mile at a minimum pace of 3:50min/km (the Garmin will beep you if you go slower).

I went off well at 3:36min/km for the first kilometre then slowed to 3:45min/km on the last 600m, stupidly mistiming the length of the run and not gaining 10-20 seconds on a strong finish sprint. I was a little bit disappointed with my effort, my average HR had only been 178, but the result was very encouraging: 5:53. 6min/mile was easily broken again at a sub-maximal effort.

This is an average speed of 3:39min/km, slightly faster than my speed during my 5k PB in 2007, and would put me at a Target Pace Level of 30-31 instead of 33.

While this means I can safely move up a TPL for week 5-8, I won't get cocky and jump straight to 30-31. Instead I will take this as encouragement, but cautiously proceed at a TPL 32.

So very easy, without need of laboratory, I have proved my first hypothesis correct. My training programme is working and has already restored at least one TPL of my fitness. There is still a bit of way until I am back at 26 and can start looking forward again (instead of backwards), but a good start is crucial.