DIARY: Latest updates

It's been a busy weekend, but I'd like to ensure regular readers of the blog that I have something really interesting in store.

Buoyed by the news given to me by my sports doctor on Friday, namely the "all clear" or "green light", to resume normal training (delivered in unequivocal terms such as "go back to what you used to do" and "run through it" when referring to the slight discomfort that can still arise in my heel), I'm working on a big article.

So wishful thinking can be ruled out. I'm back, and this time I'll play my cards properly, so hopefully this means more articles on active participation in races and events around Ireland and beyond.

at the moment I'm compiling all data from my modern running books, latest research on uphill and downhill running, and all experience I have access to from the world's foremost hill runners to create a framework within which you can take any training programme designed for the roads and tailormake it into a hill running programme.

The principle is simple: You change some of your key workouts to be more hill oriented, you undertake hill-strengthening cross-training, and you do some of your base runs in the hills. The interesting parts will be the actual sessions, and the why the particular techniques are useful and important. Science is moving quick on downhill running and uphill running, and have much to say on how to protect ourselves from the rigours it imposes on the human body. Stay tuned...