INJURY: 4 down, 6 to go

My orthotics are currently returned to PPL to get their final coating having successfully passed the testing period.

In the meantime, I need to do two more runs without orthotics and go back for a checkup. Early signs are positive, as I completed the first of these runs. Rules are simple, 15-20min easy. Today I did the first, 20 minutes at 4:52 pace (12.3 average). My heart rate has been an average of around 170 during these runs, about 20-25beats higher than before I had to stop running.

So a long road awaits me, but Mark Ryan advised me that 6 weeks of proper training may almost restore my fitness to normal. The physio advised me to do a total 0f 10 short (15-20min) runs and then, if everything checks out, I can be back in normal training. So another 6 to go, and a bit of luck.

I hope, at the end of this, that my record of plantar will be of use to someone else.