DIARY: Recovery on track

Good news at my third physio visit yesterday at the Carysfort Clinic.

While I'm currently in the worst shape I've been in for almost 18 months (stairs start being felt again), and 7 weeks off running, the pain in my foot is now heavily reduced even after very hard pressing of the area.

So yesterday, I was measured for orthotics. The physio said the degree of arch on the inside of both my feet was one of the most unusual he'd seen. Perhaps this is part of the problem, I'm born with a sprinters foot, not a long-distance runners (but seemingly the musculature of a long-distance runner, not a sprinter). In any case, the orthotics should give me back a greater level of control of motion in both feet.

After that, I'll have to walk with the orthotics for 5 days, before starting a 3x15min run routine spread over the first week. After that my physio will see me again and we'll determine the next step.

Very joyous news, all in all, as it means I'll be doing some running again in two weeks time, even if only 45 minutes, and then build from there.

The road ahead is still long but optimism is growing and I just hope I can get through the first hard months of starting back as a novice runner, struggling to even jog until the day when I can again run easy and at decent pace.

To ensure the detoriation of form doesn't have negative impact on motivation, I won't train with any other runners, or participate in any race until I can see from my split times that they are back where they were before the injury. Going backwards is just to hard a prospect to face when you've been used to mainly improving.