DIARY: Weekend of Ups and Downs

Busy weekend for me, despite not battling it out at Carrauntoohil like John and the rest, or setting spectacular PBs at the Cork Marathon like my mate Mick (3:05:55!).

The weekend could at best best be described as "undulating" like most of our favourite courses, first. I've been training hard on many consecutive days now, and while I was tired Friday, I managed to go to Marlay Park and complete a decent session of 10x30seconds max intensity sprints with 30 sec jog recovery in between.

My overall times were slightly down, most likely after my Wednesday return to racing (which I celebrated doing a lovely recce of Leg 4 of the Wicklow Way as my Thursday recovery run). Good news was I got the heart rate pushed up further. Having Brian around (he certainly looked on fire) to push the pace, didn't hurt. The session did though...

Blowing Up!
This Saturday it was my jeeps turn to blow up as the engine went and now needs replacing (ruinous needless to say). What was worse, it ruined myself, Brian and Eoin O'Neills trip to Iron Bridge to do the Leg 7 recce.

To add injury to insult, Paul Mahon, Gerry Lalor and Beth happened by us outside the Vale of Glendasan on their bikes, so once again my car's breakdown was watched by IMRA witnesses.

Nothing could be done on the day, so I went for a 7.5km run and felt so good I clocked up the speed to 4:30min/km on a good 7.5km run without ever moving out of my aerobic zone. On the Sunday, Brian joined me for a nice easy 10k run around Bushy Park, pushing my mileage up to just below 60km for the week. Getting there but slowly.

Heel of a Problem
The heels been in rapid regression since the race, however, and it seems I just can't (under any circumstances!) wear Inov-8s until the Plantar clears. It's a big blow to my ability to do fast descending, but until the season is over, I must live with this restriction.

It was thus with some trepidation I set out on the rescheduled recce of Leg 7 on Monday morning. We left early at 8, so Aoife could make it back to the Mini-Marathon (I personally object to this term, but don't want to open a can of worms!).

I had not taken care and stayed properly hydrated during the days before, and while I didn't notice it was first, it became a major problem for me during the later stages of the 22km run. It's no where as hard as the Wicklow Way Trail, but the Sun was baking down on the day and taking it handy meant we stayed out for 1:55 on a route with little exposure.

This caused me to become quite spaced out and "not quite there" during the last kilometre where I almost managed to re-sprain my right ankle on the loose rocks of the final descent. I wasn't myself for the remainder of the day and still feel markedly tired.

So all in all, good to be back in training, but some worries. I'll have to take it easy up to the Relay or risk a major backlash in the coming weeks.