DIARY: Injury Worries

Sunday I did my first run after Three-Peaks, a slow 7.5km jog up and down the trails of Round Mountain (while the North vs. South challenge was going ahead) with James McFadden, another unfortunate injured runner.

The run was decent, didn't hurt too much and yesterday, I did a slow 11k loop of Phoenix Park with Aoife. It had its good moments and bad as I warmed up a bit towards the end and almost felt like "normal" for a wee bit.

Today I've been doing a lot of ChiRunning exercises, trying to get back into the that lark as I'm sure it's now the only long-term solution for my injury problems.

I tried to go for a test run, but had to abort after 600m as my knee, hip, and feet were all sending all the wrong signals. I ran as relaxed as can be, and still the body was flinching at every impact. Something is just not right and Hellfire looks to be definitely out tomorrow. Another missed race...

There's no mystery to the pain, in hindsight I went out and raced 60km of races within a 3 week period. 22k at the Wicklow Way and 38k at 3-Peaks, over rough terrain in light shoes with multiple injuries and niggles and atrocious winter preparation. Throw in the bad luck of getting two trauma injuries (sprain and gash) and you're not going to be firing on all cylinders for a while.

If anyone wanted to write the book "How to injure yourself in 101 easy ways", they need only take this story as inspiration. The Wicklow Way Trail gave me a terrific result and I'm glad I ran the risk, even if it's set back my ankle injury some weeks, but Three-Peaks, great as it was to complete the challenge, I am not so sure off.

Potentially, it's wrecked my season. If I can get back in some kind of running condition, however, the lesson learnt, and the avoidance of long races for the next number of years may be worth the price of the many races I'm looking at missing now. So if that stops anyone else doing the same errors, I guess this post was worth writing!