DIARY: Set for 3P

Not long now, tomorrow I fly off to England to join Joe, Mick, Moire, and about 902 other maniacs for the 3-Peaks race.

The advanced system used to track our progress is similar to that used at Boston last weekend, so if anyone wants to follow how we do "live", go here: http://siera.sportident.co.uk/threepeaks/

The Strategy
I plan to go out bold, gunning for a 4 hour finish. This may prove impossible, even if I'm on good form, if the descents are too difficult for my ankle, but if that's the case, I'll just have to try and pull myself through as best I can.

The first checkpoint is Ribblehead, at 15km. It should be a formality to make it here at 2h10min, you only have the first climb to Pen-y-Ghent (Pain-a-Gain!) to attend to before this. It's severe enough, though, you climb 460m in the first 5 km, meaning a climb as long as Lucnaquillia, but a lot shallower (thank God!).

The next 10k is all descent or minor ups and downs before the next climb which is only about 1.5km but takes you up more than 400m once again to Whernside (Sternside???). This would probably be fine too if you hadn't just raced a mountain half-marathon.

Then there's a brutal descent to the second checkpoint Chapel-le-Dale, getting here in 3:30 if you're in trouble may be hard. It's after 25k of the total 37k and you'll just have dropped 500m in a few kilometres, meaning a wild dashing descent.

If that hasn't killed your quads, you'll be looking forward to the shallow start of the next 4km ascent to Ingleborough (lovingly named "Inglebugger"). The descent looks humane enough, but starts at 26k, and at about 29k it turns vertical! Last year winner Rob Jebb was filmed crawling it!

At the top your suffering is finally over, NOT SO! Indeed what now awaits is a long shallow descent over almost 7.5km. Have you always dreamt of doing a quick 5 miler after 30km in the hills. I thought so!

Wish us luck, hopefully we'll all be back with no unnecessary niggles to our names!