DIARY: Freak Injury

I'd been feeling slightly sluggish during my 22k run with Shane in Phoenix Park yesterday, but did it in good pace, so was looking forward to this evening's impromptu hill run.

Sprained Ankle
Unfortunately, I messed up, got too cocky on the final parts of the descent of Fairy Castle and sprained my ankle. Seems to be a weird sprain, I could jog down the road back to Taylor's more or less ok, but there was a good bit of pain from the upper outside of the right foot.

There's a bulge about three centrimetres in diameter just below my ankle bone now, but no discolouration. The limb is growing quite stiff, but that's too be expected. I'm hoping that once the initial swelling blows away, it'll prove to be just a mild sprain and will heal within a few days.

Luckily, I've done more training than I should over the last 10 days, so I've "banked" some, so I'm optimistic this injury won't cripple my attempt to go to Three-Peaks.

Went to see our local Crusader physio Colleen Wednesday at Noon. Aoife had recommended her for sprains, and Sharlene had taken advantage of her skills earlier the same day, meaning Crusaders practically queued outside the Priory Clinic on this fine Wednesday.

Conor had looked a my injury earlier and from the signs said it looked like two of the three major tendons had been damaged, but not the third, so we'd be talking a grade 1 sprain, grade 2 on the outside.

Colleen quickly confirmed this and the weird pains I felt under the foot and around the base of the shin where caused inflammation and blood that had poured into those regions after the shock. Some (quite painful) massage later, the major swelling areas had been sorted out, and in the following hours a lot of mobility returned to my joint.

I got a set of good exercises and orders to compress the area for a day to keep the fluid from pouring back into the area. Also 15 min of icing of the area up to three times a day. I've managed most of this so far, and already this Noon onwards I started walking almost normally.

There's still some discomfort, but early signs are very encouraging. Think this will be a record healing time...